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    Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Mexico

    I don’t know about you but this Rosewood Resort called Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas has me sold! Yes, please I would like to enjoy a ‘window to paradise’ as the name suggests.  And yes please, I would like to relax outside by the pool, appreciate a massage at the spa and take in a good night’s sleep in a well-appointed guestroom with traditional Mexican craftsmanship. The authenticity and luxurious vibe of this hotel is top-notch and a definite ‘must stay’. 


    Creative Clothing Rails

    In keeping with my retail and clothing display kick I've been on, here are some creative "closets"...

    {images via}


    Erinvale Home in South Africa

    Definitely feeling this South African thatched-roof home situated on the Erinvale golf greens of the beautiful Erinvale Estate Hotel and Spa just 45 minutes outside Capetown, South Africa.  The central courtyard fills the property with light while providing privacy and the mix of clean-lined furniture against a traditional thatch roof gives the home warmth and character. 

    {via here}


    Hats off to Retail Design

    Cool retail spaces have been calling my name recently.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps I need a little retail therapy or maybe it’s because high-end, edgy retail design pays homage to the whimsical mind.  Window displays carry the imagination to another place and novel interior displays seem to spark my creativity. Hats off to the bold approach…love how retail design just goes for it. 

    Maison Hermes Display

    Issey Miyake fan installation

    Lavin making a splash

    Alexander Wang store in Beijing


    Inspired By Cool Architectural Surfaces...


    Pattaya Hilton Thailand

    Hello Beloved Blog Buddies,

    I’ve been designing like crazy and vacationing in Jamaica so there’s been a bit of a lull with the blog. I’m hoping to get back on track with posts though…so stay tuned.

    The ceiling of the Pattaya Hilton’s Lobby Bar is simply beautiful. The paper-light weight, textile installation creates soft, warmth throughout the space and flows like a couture gown in the wind. Gorgeous…props goes out to Department of ARCHITECTURE for creating this stunner! 

    {images via here}


    In Honor of Green

    St. Patty's Day is just around the corner and it's always a BIG drinking celebration over here in Chicago. In theory it marks the end of winter when Chicagoans emerge from hibernation and go buck wild;-) In reality, winter usually has a hold on us for a few more weeks...booooo! 

    Anyhow let's honor green, shall we? 

    {via pinterest}


    Namus Boutique Restaurant

    Namus Boutique Restaurant in Seongnam, South Korea is all about the central geometric light installation which resembles the varying heights of buildings within a cityscape except flipped upside down. It packs a punch while the color and material palette is controlled and muted. 

    {via here}


    I'm Ready For You Raleigh Hotel

    I need you Raleigh Hotel, Miami...right about now. Pool side lounging in the sun....yes, please! Tropical palm fronds and cocktails...sign me up!

    {some images via here


    Me London Hotel

    Located in London’s art district, Me London is a fashionable, “zoomy” and almost futuristic home base to explore the city’s cultural scene.  The triangular building defines the hotel’s identity from the outside in although, not in style – at all. One wouldn’t normally expect to see such a flashy, highly-polished interior paired with a façade of this nature but somehow, Fosters + Partners made it work. 

    Rooftop views from the Radio Lounge with surely give you a good vantage point to understand the lay of the land. While you’re up there you might as well, sit back, relax and enjoy a cocktail. 

    Have no fear. If you’re looking for a full meal and place to properly sit down, Me London has you covered with other dining options which include STK steakhouse and Cucina Asellina Italian. 

    But wait, there's more. We must not forget about the 157-guestrooms which await guests with rain showers, plush beds and high-style finishes.  

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