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    All artwork and editorial content featured on Style House by Atelier Turner and this blog is designed and compiled exclusively by Atelier Turner in order to share our perspective on interior design and architecture with all of our fashionable friends.  It is an extension of our "brand" so we kindly ask that you link back to Atelier Turner [the blog] or contact us before using any of our content . Copyright © 2010-2012, Atelier Turner. All rights reserved.


    Allow the Architecture to Shine



    I'm only slightly biased about loft living (since I live in one) but I really find the architectural feel and volume of this loft to be quite impressive. The all white canvas of the wall plane, ceiling plane and floor plane create a neutral backdrop for the furniture and art to pop. All in all, this loft by Poteet Architects embodies my design mantra of allowing the architecture to shine while the furniture and art merely create composition within the structure.




    1. Domino Coffee Table   2.  Kendal Chesterfield Sofa  3.  Cubo Bookends  4.  Bruno Side Table  5.  Cowhide   6.  LC Minimum   7.  Horse Jute Pillow by Thomas Paul   8.  Van Wing Chair   9.  Barcelona Chandelier   10.  Mayfair Steamer Cube  11.  Upsido Bookshelf      For sourcing information, click here.      

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of Style House by Atelier Turner, my canvas of designer furniture selections for those who love stylish living. If any of my Style House features pique your interest, please contact Atelier Turner as almost all items are to the trade. Looking for some high-style glamour for your abode?  We create sophisticated interiors that are richly unique, with depth and beauty.  Please visit us at


    ALSO, INTRODUCING...Atelier Turner [the blog]!  Yes, I am crossing over the threshold into the blogosphere.  I'm the new kid in town, so be nice;-)  I plan to bring you my perspective on architecture and design and hopefully, you will be inspired (fingers crossed).  Since I'm a newbie at this, please forgive me if I don't have the blog etiquette down pat.  I'm sure I'll start minding my manners once I'm in the groove.  I would love to hear your thoughts or comments and to start a dialogue with all you design fanatics out there.  Don't be shy.

    So the plan for this blog is as follows: twice a week features from Style House by Atelier Turner and then a smattering of other random articles, tidbits, or images of coolness that relate to design and events.

    Feel free to bookmark us, follow us on facebook, or subscribe to our rss feed.

    Happy viewing and here's to cutting the proverbial ribbon!




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